Support Arts Education

CALL TO ACTION: Your voice is needed for the future of arts education in our schools!

Man writing a letterParents, Educators, Artists, and Community Leaders: our public schools are right now developing the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) – the school district’s official plan for the three years ahead.

Plans, like budgets, reflect values. They direct how money and time will be spent. The LCAP is a public document, intended for public review and discussion.

School Funding, Radically Simplified: Your school district receives money for each student that shows up to school. It receives a bit more if it has a high proportion of students in poverty, learning English, or in foster care. School districts have to make choices and compromises because there is not enough money to meet all needs of all students in all schools.

California schools neglect art. Students in California receive much less instruction in visual arts and music than students in other states.

The arts show up in classrooms in two ways: Integrated into lessons and taught as distinct disciplines. Art disciplines include visual arts, music, dance, the theatre arts, criticism, history, and aesthetics.

Now is the time to speak up to your school district board members and request the arts are core to the lcap now and for the future. Our students are relying on us to advocate for their education.

Select your school district below to have a letter sent to your school district’s school board members with your name on it. A copy of the letter will also be sent to the email you provide.

Please complete this right now and voice your support for arts education for the children in your district.