For nearly a decade, Cole Finup has dedicated his professional career to advocating for childhood education. His studies at Missouri State University sparked a desire to improve the education system in hopes of positively impacting future generations. Cole quickly turned to his own community and took a position with the Ozarks Literacy Council where he worked one-on-one with both students and adults to power through any literacy barriers. Following this work, Cole worked for LINC Housing in the Fresno area, Cole established financial literacy workshops, nutrition and wellness plans, and academic programs aiming to increase the overall well-being of more than 100 individuals in under-represented communities. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was organizing an after-school program for grades K-8 that focused on tutoring, physical education, and a healthy lifestyle.

Cole is currently the Program and Grant Specialist for the California State Parent Teachers Association. Through working with the PTA’s Arts Education Committee which advocates for a full curriculum that includes the arts, he has developed a variety of tools and resources to combat the challenges facing arts education in CA. Cole also works closely with the Legislative Action Committee of the organization where he has gained experience analyzing legislation and communicating with CA legislators. He hopes to grow as an arts advocate to continue enforcing positive change in the community.

Cole enjoys spending his free time outdoors. Running is his typical outlet, but he will take any chance to watch or play team sports with his friends. He loves to hike and camp when possible. Cole also believes in the importance of promoting his local arts community by going to theater, visiting galleries, and catching live music. If and when relaxation is an option, he has no problem spending a night watching the newest episodes of his favorite TV shows either.
Cole is extremely grateful to have the ability to give back to the city of Sacramento. He believes that Friends of Sacramento Arts provides a platform to help create a collective society that ensures every individual has access to the arts and is given the proper opportunities to succeed.